NEW! World´s first 3-A-certified immersion probe

Efficient control of production processes - Food and beverages

Hygiene requirements are becoming increasingly strict for production processes, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 3-A certification is an established hygiene standard in the USA.

This certification guarantees that all surfaces that come into contact with products are very easy to clean and sterilize according to 3-A standards, i.e. that plants are compatible with CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (sterilization in place).

To meet the hygiene requirements for production units, Hellma has developed a 3-A certified UV/Vis/NIR optical immersion probe.

Learn more! Download data sheet

Download the data sheet and learn more about the 3-A certified UV/Vis/NIR immersion probe and their diverse application possibilities:
// Quantitative and qualitative analysis of protein, fat, water, lactose, sugar etc.
// Turbidity and color measurements
// Disinfectant management
// Phase separation
// Separator management

Hygienic Inline monitoring of manufacturing processes

Hygienisches Design
hygienic Design
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Unique hygienic design

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