Hellma Immersion Probes
with Knick Retractable Devices

The established Hellma Analytics Immersion probe series
Excalibur and Falcata get boosted by the Knick retractable
devices Ceramat® and SensoGate®. Both - the probes and
the retractable devices - are set up modular giving a huge
range of possible installations.

  • Probes can be calibrated while the process is still running
  • Cleaning in place - retractable devices allow an easy cleaning of the probes
  • Huge variety of possible connectors - suits every process
  • Market leading technology partners Hellma Probes & Knick retractable devices
  • Perfectly easy service - probes can be installed or removed during running process
  • Knick Ceramat® - the most durable and rugged retractable device on the market